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Merry Christmas December 17, 2015

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Over the last few weeks there have been many festive events throughout Havering, where communities have come together to see our Town Centres be illuminated and celebrate the start of Christmas. Attendances to this year’s events have been outstanding and it’s been wonderful to see the excitement of youngsters.

The much loved children’s character, The Gruffalo, joined us for the switch on in Romford while the cast of Aladdin were out in force in Hornchurch. There were events in Elm Park, Rainham and Collier Row too and Santa was of course present throughout.

Eagle-eyed residents will also have noticed that the Town Hall has been illuminated in order to raise awareness for World Diabetes Day in November. Diabetes is a serious public health issue affecting 3.2million people in the UK with approximately 630,000 undiagnosed cases. We are working with the Havering Family Diabetes Group and local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group to provide more information to local people about the diabetes and I am pleased that the Council has participated within this awareness campaign.

Please also be advised of new Meet the Leader & Cabinet events in the New Year, details of which can be found on the Contact page.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Roll of Honour August 27, 2015

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On Friday the Council unveiled and dedicated a new Roll of Honour Memorial Plaque to commemorate the service and ultimate sacrifice of two local heroes; Lance Corporal Kirk Redpath and Warrant Officer Class 2 Ian Fisher.

The service was attended by family members of the fallen soldiers, the Mayor of Havering, Deputy Liuetenant alongside members and Council VIPs.

During the service, the Mayor presented to the parents of Lance Corporal Kirk Redpath and Warrant Officer Class 2 Ian Fisher a certificate as a small token of the Council’s gratitude for the service that their sons have offered.

After the service it was a pleasure to learn more about Ian and Kirk in speaking with their families and reading tributes left by their commanding officers, colleagues and friends it’s clear that they are both sorely missed at home and at work.

In Havering we are immensely proud of our links to the Armed Forces and I am pleased that this new Roll of Honour Memorial Plaque will be displayed in pride of place in Reception at the Town Hall.

HMO issues July 14, 2015

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Over the past year, many residents have contacted the council and their councillors with concerns regarding the growing number of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s).

HMOs, or bedsits as they are more commonly known, refer to the conversion of a dwelling, such as a house, into many smaller self-contained properties or rooms with some shared facilities that can be let individually. Under current planning legislation a change of use from a dwelling to a small HMO for up to 6 occupants does not require planning permission and is part of permitted development rights.

Residents have been concerned about the strains that HMO’s can place upon parking and other services within the area.

In order to address these concerns and to ensure that HMO’s are only built in suitable areas and in a suitable manner, the council have proposed two article 4 directions to  in relation to change of use from dwelling houses to a house in multiple occupations.

Two Directions have been made, the first covers Brooklands, Romford Town, Heaton and Gooshays wards.  The second Direction covers the whole of the Borough, except Brooklands, Romford Town, Heaton and Gooshays wards. 

Before the Directions are given the go-ahead, a consultation period will run from Monday 13 July to Monday 31 August and residents are invited to take part.

For further information on the directions and consultation please see:


Friends of Harrow Lodge Park July 10, 2015

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Harrow Lodge Park is an outdoor area full of nature and life. It is a park frequently visited by many and adored by many more.  From swings and frames to never ending boundaries of green grass the park has everything to offer.  It has many facilities that make the park great.

Havering is host to many parks, and nine of which have green flags such as Upminster Park. Green flags are national awards that commemorate outdoor spaces for their safety awareness, cleanliness, environmental benefits and many more factors.

 To attain a green flag a park must be sustainable, helpful to the environment, safe, and encourage community involvement, and we want Harrow Lodge Park to be recognised as having these attributes.  To ensure this happens will require hard work and investment from the council and we hope the community will wish to support us in this.

If you wish to contribute to the councils efforts to improve Harrow Lodge Park why not consider becoming a friend of the park. Havering is fortunate to have many friends groups in many parks and we are looking to support a new friends group in Harrow Lodge Park. Friends groups contribute and influence the upkeep of parks by carrying out a range of tasks that improve the park and supplement the works of the grounds maintenance team.

If you are interested in joining a friends of Harrow Lodge Park group please join us at The Board Room (on the first floor) at Hornchurch Sports centre from 8pm on Tuesday 28th July to discuss how we could take this forward.


Housing Zone Status for Rainham and Beam Park June 26, 2015

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Yesterday the Mayor of London announced his approval of the Rainham and Beam Park Housing Zone in Havering.

Being granted Housing Zone status will enable the Council to turn our plans for a new Beam Park Garden Suburb into a reality, transforming former industrial land into a new and vibrant community.

Investment in run-down sections of the A1306 will create attractive housing developments, linked by a tree-lined boulevard, with access to a new open green space. It is planned that the new Garden Suburb will provide nearly 3,500 homes, over 900 of which will be affordable.

These new housing developments will be served by a brand new railway station at Beam Park, which has already been approved for funding by Transport for London. The station is planned to open as soon as 2019 and will provide a 20 minute rail link to Central London at Fenchurch Street.

Developments such as these will lead to further development of community facilities, such as schools, health services and leisure, making the communities of Rainham and Beam Park sustainable and attractive places to live and raise a family for generations to come.

Projects such as these demonstrate the benefits of, and Havering’s success in partnership working, delivering millions of pounds in social and infrastructure investment to our residents benefit, in times of continued fiscal constraint.

Devolution Discussions March 17, 2015

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In recent weeks there has been much coverage and commentary about the issue of ‘devolution’ and discussions that I and colleagues have been involved in with eight other London Borough Leaders.

Some people are suggesting that these discussions are about ‘merging’ with other London Boroughs and sharing resources – and there’s been some shameful scaremongering that we would somehow turn Havering into the mirror image of an inner-London Borough.

As Leader of Havering, my absolute priority is to preserve what’s best about our Borough – to keep it safe, clean and a place where people are proud to live.  I would never strike any deal that is bad for Havering. I’ve lived here for many years – so I have a very personal interest in Havering’s future!

Across London, councils are talking about devolution.  Devolution is not about sharing existing powers and money – it’s about getting our hands on new powers and money.  For example in Manchester, there are plans to give local councils control of the local NHS budgets as well as their own – new money and new powers.

If that sort of change is being discussed, and we are not in the room, we would be letting our residents down.  That doesn’t mean we are close to any sort of agreement, but it does mean we are part of the conversation.  If we can eventually get more money and more powers to improve the quality of life for Havering residents, then we might be interested in moving the discussions on a stage.  If we can’t, then we won’t.  It’s that simple.

A new Vision for Havering March 3, 2015

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At the meeting of Full Council last week, Havering did not just set its budget and Council Tax rates – which you can read more about here – we also set our Vision for the Council in years to come.

The budget consultation process enabled us to obtain an updated view of what our residents see as priorities for the Borough and the services that they value most, and the results were loud and clear. Our residents want a clean and safe Havering that they can be proud about.

With this in mind, we’ve consolidated our previous Living Ambitions into three concise aspirations for the Borough which form our Vision:

As you are I’m sure aware, the Council is responding to a budget gap of £45million by 2018, so it will not be possible for us to achieve these aims on our own. But, working with our partners, we believe we can meet our aspirations together.

We will support our community by spending your money on the things that matter most to you – like clean, safe streets and protecting people in need. We will support local firms to grow and create jobs; we will re-energise our towns, to improve the quality of life in Havering and we will help local people to bring about the changes they want to see in their neighbourhoods.

We will use our influence to bring more jobs, homes, schools and transport to Havering. We will use our planning powers to balance the growth of business centres, with the protection of ‘green Have​ring’ and its quieter communities. And we will encourage local people to do the right things: keep Havering tidy, be good neighbours and lead healthier lives.

And we will lead by example by running a low-cost Council that respects you, by using your money wisely. We will work with others to reduce costs; we will help people do business with us at any time of the day or night; we will hold ourselves to the high standards you expect from us and we will spend each penny as if it were our own.​​



Happy New Year January 5, 2015

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I would like to start this post by wishing you all a Happy New Year, I hope that you all enjoyed the festive break.

As many of you will know, the Council needs to reduce its overall budget by around a third over the next four years, in response to Government funding cuts, and the rising costs of providing services to a growing and ageing population.

In September last year the Cabinet set out a range of proposals to address the budget gap for the next two years – which will also go a long way towards closing the entire four year budget gap – and launched a public consultation so that you may comment on these proposals, which run until Monday 29 December 2014.

During the consultation many of you took the opportunity to comment on the Council’s proposals through completing the consultation survey, by attending public meetings with the Cabinet and myself, or by corresponding directly with the Council and/or members. I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to make your views known.

Officers are now undertaking the process of collating your responses into a report which will be presented to Cabinet. We will then be able to decide upon a final set of budget proposals to be taken to Full Council in February based upon a firmer understanding of our resident’s priorities.

As I said in an earlier post, we are trying to make the best of a bad situation and we no choice but to find significant savings. It is inevitable that the savings made will not please everyone; however the Council is striving to protect the services that are most important to local people.

Budget Consultation December 9, 2014

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As I’m sure many of you will be aware, Havering Council is currently consulting on budget proposals to address a £60 million budget gap over the next four years.

We need to reduce our overall budget by around a third over the next four years, in response to Government funding cuts, inflationary costs and a growing and ageing population.

Havering already receives the fourth lowest Government grant in London per head of population and has saved £40 million over the past four years – so this task will not be easy.

Havering’s Cabinet has set out a range of proposals to address the budget gap for the next two years – which will also go a long way towards closing the entire four year budget gap.

We’re now into the final month of the consultation. We will shortly publish the Winter edition of Living in Havering, which will remind people to comment by 29th December.

I would like to encourage all of you, if you have not done so already, to spare a moment to complete the survey and have your say on the budget proposals.

You can fill in the various consultation documents that can be found on the website at www.havering.gov.uk/yoursay . Alternatively, you can email or write to me using the details below by 29th December, when the consultation closes.

 Email – Roger.Ramsey@havering.gov.uk


Cllr. Roger Ramsey
Leader of the Council
London Borough of Havering
Town Hall
Main Road


Meet the Leader & Cabinet October 17, 2014

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On Wednesday 1 October, my Cabinet colleagues and I hosted the first Meet the Leader & Cabinet event in the Liberty Centre, Romford.

During the event we spoke to many residents on a multitude of matters, taking up any issues that required further investigation and casework.

We have now confirmed arrangements for these meetings, across the borough until April 2015. So, if there is anything that you wish to discuss with a Cabinet member or myself in an informal manner, please feel free to visit us on any of the dates below:

Wednesday 5 November 2014, 13:00 – 14:00 at Sainsbury’s, Hornchurch

Wednesday 17 December 2014, 13:00 – 14:00 at Tesco, Rainham

Wednesday 28 January 2015, 13:00 – 14:00 at Waitrose, Upminster

Wednesday 11 March 2014, 13:00 – 14:00 at the Liberty, Romford